What's wrong with my smart meter reference readings?

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My latest bill (20 Dec) gives the following for Controlled Load 2.
Read type, Start Reference¹, End Reference¹, kWh
Actual             4,824                   4,870          131.757

¹These reference reads are a guide only and may not reflect the total energy consumption for this
billing period.

Having a smart meter, I expected the start and end reference values to be pretty similar to the number displayed on the meter.  But  they aren't. They don't even make sense!
4870 - 4824 = 46, which is nothing like the 131.757 kWh in the bill.
When I was with Powershop, all meter readings were available online, as well as consumption data. It all made sense.
Why aren't the start & end references on the AGL bill actual meter reads? 

And Is there any way I can access the meter readings as well as consumption data?