Trying to get my faulty meter checked

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I have been trying now for a week to get my meter checked.   The boost button  function comes on at night by itself, and I have to manually turn it off in the morning.  I have rung SA Power Networks, who put me onto AGL.  An online chat with AGL the operator  said I should ring SA Power Networks.  Eventually convinced them I needed a technition  after 15 minutes on the phone, and having to make it clear a few times to different people that I had a faulty boost button.


On line chat finished with operator saying that someone would be out to check my meter in the next three days.  Still not checked, and still paying for boosting hot water I do not need boosted.  Why cant we just get a phone number so that we can talk with someone.

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Hi Victorwarrior! 

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We won't be able to resolve your issue over AGL Community, please Contact Us over the phone on 131 245 so we can check that with you. 


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