Strange 'Last Read' figures when submitting gas meter reads

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The last two times I have submitted meter readings for my gas, the 'last read' figures have been very strange. For example, the first gas meter 'last read' figure was all zeros. Then the second one was a figure which was definitely not correct either. What's happening?

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It might be similar to the issue I have. When I submit Gas meter reads in the App, if I do both together often they get switched or one meter also winds up with the other meters number (probably 8 out of 10 times)

So it might be like  Meter 1 17250 Meter 2 00002 and after submit and I go back to check Meter 2 might now be saying 17250(when previously it was 00002), or it could be a vice-versa situation. Ages ago I made mention of this type issue, but here and e-mail.

What I do now is, I'll submit separately . So Meter 1 17250, skip meter 2 then submit. Then go back Skip meter 1 submit Meter 2. I've been doing it that way for a while now.If fact just a few weeks ago I actually had put both meter reads in (laps of judgement) and it happened again, so guess never fixed that issue.

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Hi RhysT! 


Thank you for providing that feedback! I can certainly get that through to our digital team to let them know there is an issue. 


Thank you