Moving house nothing but trouble

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i had organised for gas and electricity to be connected today the 25/11/2019 at my new property. So far it’s been nothing but a headache. The power wasn’t on as I thought it would be and I was told the initial request was put on hold or not completed as they didn’t have my metre number which I wasn’t told they needed to complete the request, as the house I’m in at the moment through you guys didn’t require that when I moved in. I then spoke to someone on chat for nearly an hour today and provided them the metre number and codes they needed. They seemed to struggle to get it all done but at the end of it I was assured connection would still occur today. Upon getting to the house after work I still have no power. Another call to you proved useless as no one told me when it would be switched on. It’s just ridiculous to not be told anything and for no one to know what’s going on. I’ve had no issues for the almost 4  years I’ve been with you yet now I’m feeling like there’s been no point to my loyalty when this whole debacle has been nothing but a headache. 

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Hi @rt1234,

I do apologise for the inconvenience caused. Can you please get in touch with us here  contact us

Thank you