Solar Meter swapout, Why can't AGL keep an appointment!

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We had our solar installation completed early March 2020 and were informed by mail that a tech would visit the property to swap our analogue meter for a digital meter on 02 April 2020. The tech was seen via the security cameras wondering about the property for over 40 minutes and left without doing anything. I rang AGL's 131245 number and eventually spoke to an overseas call centre operative who could give me no help as to what went wrong. Our solar installation contractor was then contacted to see if they could help. They contacted AGL again and organised a second appointment subsequently AGL sent a second letter with a date for the tech to swap out the meter. I made sure to be at the property all day so the tech would have no difficulty at all with the location of the meter board and the solar system switchboard.This second appointment has now passed with no tech even turning up this time. Both dates have now passed and for whatever reason nothing has been done and at no time has anyone contacted us as to why. We have had to spend a great deal of time on hold just to talk to someone in the Philippines who can't offer any useful information.

Why can't AGL's tech just do the job?

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I am sorry to hear that you have experienced delays and are having trouble getting a clear answer. To have this investigated further and to obtain a clear date for the meter change, you will need to contact our Solar New Connections team on 1300 377 118. They are available Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm AEST.