Smart meters, configured registers and number of appliances in NSW

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Hi All,


I have a few questions about how much one smart meter can support in NSW.


I hear one smart meter can support multiple registered loads (ie both normal loads and control loads)

Is this correct? I only have one meter and my bill shows both normal and control loads.


How many appliances can I have connected to a registered control load on a smart meter?

For example if I have under floor heating on control load can I add a pool heater or hot water heater?


Thanks in  advance.

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Smart meters can contain up to three separate meters.


  1. Supply from Grid meter
  2. Export to Grid Meter (normally solar)
  3. A time controlled switch and meter (Off peak /Controlled load)

Now only one device can be legally connect to the controlled load section.


On your grid circuit you can have multiple circuit breakers connected to that meter connection.

Standard circuits breakers installed in circuit breaker box normally include one or two lighting circuits (10 Amp breakers), a stove circuit (normally 25 amp breaker), a separate breaker for your AC (normally 15 Amp), you may then have a number of breakers (15 amp ) that supply power to your power points and a 15 amp breaker for your hot water service. Additionally your may have separate breaker (25 amps) that supplies power to your garage /shed.


There should also be installed a 63 Amp breaker that limits the amount of current that you can draw from the grid.


Some breakers these days will be RCD's (Residual Current Device) that trip when there is a fault detected on that particular circuit.


Somewhere, prior to your meter, there will be installed an large fuse (80 amps?) that protects the whole of your input circuit, additionally there is normally a pole fuse protecting the street circuit from your house input. Both of these fuses can only be replaced by your electricity supplier.


Now having explained all that, it is possible to have a meter with two controlled load outputs.  These outputs are controlled by your supplier not by your retailer as the suppliers knows the usage figures for their supply area.


If you have a meter with two controlled load meters the supplier may / could  configure the meters to come on / off at different times.


Hope this answers your question.


This is a general answer from me (a community member), if you require more details contact an electrician for specific details.


Your supplier may also be able to assist you.


Cheers Neil


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Cheers Neil

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