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Had a smart meter installed last year, noticed I am not using all the solar I produce first before drawing on the grid.  I am pumping solar power into the grid at the same time as I'm drawing on it.  Power usage has changed to reflect this.  


The meter is an E355 and I cannot find any information to tell what all the various tariff codes are on the display.  


Not particularly impressed with this whole deal.  Smart meter for who?  Certainly not the customer.

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Hi @Hell,


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Your meter data information is displayed in half hour intervals. Your solar produced is used in real time and any excess is exported to the grid. During those half hour intervals, unless your solar produces more power than is used at home for the whole interval period, your system is exporting and importing power as needed, hence you will find that your interval data shows both import and export of power during 30 minutes displayed. Hope this helps to clarify how your meter data is displayed.


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