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Hi everyone, 

I had a solar system installed about 3 weeks ago. Today (5/11/202) an AGL contractor installed a smart meter.


What do I need to do now that the solar system is up and running and a smart meter installed. 


1. Do I have to change my Electricity Plan

2. How do I connect the meter to my solar app so I can see how much I'm using and sending back to the grid.

3. Will I get any info on the meter that was installed. 

4.  is there something I need to do with the DER Register Portal

AGL Moderator
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Hi Eric1, 


Thanks for being part of the AGL Community.


Please be aware that it can take some time before your solar data is available on the APP. We need to wait until it is sent from the distributor which can take a few weeks. There is a plan available to our solar customers which offers a higher feed in tariff. You can find information about this here, just refer to the Solar Savers plan! There should also be a notification sent to you in regards to the meter change.