Smart Meter not uploading data

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We are new customers. We have an AtlasMk7c smart meter. When I look at our usage CSV in our account the feed in and use are both zero so there is no data uploading from our meter.

In the AGL app the electricity sold to grid is understated by at least a third. The electricity we are using is overstated by at least 4. This is all estimated and is widely off the mark. We cant enter meter readings manually because we have a smart meter.

I have complained bitterly and have been fobbed off with the comment that the meter isn't read until the first bill. We use our power sparingly Ie no air conditioners, pool etc. Why are we being ripped off.

Not happy with AGL. Next move is a complaint to EWOQ.

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A manager explained what happens.

What was explained to me is AGL doesn't get the meter readings from AEMC until the end of the first billing period.

Once AGL get the readings they then send out the correct bill using the actual meter readings. Its a pity this wasn't explained to me earlier. We'll see what happens in a few weeks.

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But this is not happening ive put my meter reads in only to see the bill  display its estimate reading.