PLEASE ESCALATE: Can't see any data in app or my account

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(Please refer to new reply I posted below original post)


Hi All


I joined AGL around 7 to 9 July, and my app or My Account page still showing zero, or "having trouble connecting to your account".


So I contacted support team via online chat twice or three times, every time the answer is a bit different. In one chat, I was told no one set up my account, and after the fix I can login via app or My Account, but still getting zero or the error msg.


Another chat I was told I need to wait for the bill which is around October. This is different from what we know about smart meter. And I was told in previous chat, including the chat signing up, I should have frequent data report.


I also messaged AGL neighborhood staff, no response in two days now.


I have tried every channel I know, and it is way beyond two weeks (some posts said it might take some time), and the fact so many people in neighborhood talking about getting very similar error and had to spend time to request a fix.


This is probably not a customer wants to go through, we are happy to pay for service AGL provide.


Can someone please escalate this? Thanks in advance.

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First thank neighborhood staff forwarding my request in original post above. 


But now, there is no solar data at all.


At the moment I can see usage in APP after almost a month joining AGL, and that is after at least 3-5 online chats including signing up chat that promised everything can be done fast, and in other chats I pushed and finally got told info like "no one setup your account". It appears I have to push, to get things moving a bit.


And seems I need to record every single chat from now on. 


What really makes things extremely frustrated is, in online chat with AGL support team member Mxx - 11:21
today, I was told below, based on the meter number,


"To make the most of your new system we need to upgrade your existing electricity meter to an import/export meter for solar."


That is wrong. I have a MK7C meter installed, which is a import/export meter. BTW if it is not, why no one bothers checking or telling customers this step needs to be done.


So I told Mxx, I have a correct meter.


M** then said at 11:21, "The new smart meter needs to be configured for solar."


If my understanding in various chats is correct, that is for AGL to configure the meter, something could have been done weeks earlier. This is different from M** saying don't have an import/export meter.


And then I was told to be transferred to Resolutions team, and it is 11:49 now, no response in the chat at all, which is not uncommon with AGL online chat.


And the best part is if I am not responding for just a few mins, I got disconnected from the chat.


So after almost one month signing, I don't know if I am getting solar tariff from AGL, I can't see solar data, I don't know what needs to be done and by whom, I am confused as AGL team member said my meter is wrong, and if I don't ask nothing seems to move forward. 


I only ask clear info is given to me, so problem can be solved, now a few key questions have no answer at all.


Please help to escalate this. 

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Latest update: After my online chat was transferred 11:22 from customer service to Resolution team, I receive response from Ellen 13:42. Over one hour.


The result is I have to call another number to get things move forward.


I highlighted to Resolution team I have done everything I can as customer, I made 3-5 chats already, and every time I have to ask first before getting an answer(not all correct answers), or proceed further. 


I therefore made a formal complaint to Resolution team, and request AGL should act in their end actively instead of asking me to go back to phone call queue. And then Resolution team went silent in the chat.


It is not they tell me "that is the only way", it is SILENCE  from 13:46 to now 16:01.


I had to write on AGL Facebook to ask for help, it seems I need to exhaust all channels to get service, which is just to get to read data of usage and solar credit.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Jialing


Sorry about your frustrations on this. As I mentioned recently to you via private message, the team has been investigating the issue you raised regarding being unable to view your data in app and My Account.


Is that problem still ongoing, or are you raising a separate issue? It's possible that initiating contact multiple times over several different channels is slowing things down.


Although I can't help to resolve this issue directly, I can suggest an approach that might help with future contact. If you're able to log into your My Account and click the "Message Us" button, you'll be able to get into an ongoing Messaging conversation with support - one that won't time out like live chat, and your ongoing chat history will all be recorded in one place, which should simplify the process.



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Hi David


I can try messaging option. What I ask now is only Solar New connection team should contact me, instead of pushing me into the queue again.


There is a reason for making multiple requests, the frustration is I have to do everything to move things forward, and as a customer I keep getting wrong info from AGL.


If I follow Mei's answer yesterday, I will try getting another smart meter which is essentially the same as the one I already have, right? Isn't that worth AGL looking into it, to put some extra effort to correct the errors? 


And what about the chat telling me I just need to wait and then the next time I get told "No one set up your online account"?


All these have been the one same request, data is incomplete or not available.


At the moment job is half done, Solar data is not there at all.


Again I only ask Solar team should contact me, instead of pushing me back into another queue to get what I should already have in terms of service. 



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So, on 5th, I believed what I was instructed again, called solar set up team.


This time, I was told for the first time in all these weeks, I need to contact my solar installer to ask them make a request to AGL register/record my meter with AGL.


This was never mentioned to me in all the calls/chats previously.


So I called my solar installer, they acted right away, on 5th Aug sending an email with request form to AGL and forwarded me.


After two weeks, no response from AGL, my account and app have no change. Today on 18th Aug I called again, and for the first time I was told by team member Ma* she will be escalating to Escalation Team, "and I don't need to worry about it."


The fact is I have to ask in another two attempts to get thing moving forward.