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Hi David


I have submitted a new Gas connection request in 2nd week of March to my new property. Since we haven't received any update for about 3 weeks, I have contacted customer service and found that some of my required details were missing which have been provided already. Then I had to provide the details again and order has been submitted on 4th Apr. My builder has been waiting for this connection to complete the handover work. This is causing huge delays for me in taking over my new property and ended up paying double mortgages. I have been calling everyday customer service to check the status and requesting them to expedite this service request. Could you please help in anyway to process this order as soon as possible ?


Thanks in advance.

AGL Moderator
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Hi nagababu,


I have removed your address from the post, I can see you have been speaking with the new connections team, if you provide them with the requested information, they will have this request expedited for you. 


Kind Regards,


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Thankyou for the response.


I have already provided the requested information to the connections team.Hopefully this request is addressed as soon as possible.


Would you able to help in escalating this request if I dont hear any updates in the next couple of days ?


Thanks again.



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Hi nagababu! 


You'll need to speak with our connections team as they would be handling your request. You can get in touch with them directly on 1800 680 430 or via email 


Kind regards, 



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I have provided the required information already. The job is not scheduled yet. Is there a way to fast rack please ?