Limited hotwater after smart meter install

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Hi All


One week ago we had a smart meter installed. Since then we haven’t been able to run a hot bath for the kids as there is no hot water in the early evenings.


I’ve rang AGL who have logged it as an urgent matter ie 48hrs. We are still waiting?


Why  did this install affect  the hot water supply?


Please AGL resolve the matter or I’ll have to switch distributors.

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Do you know if your hot water on a controlled load previously? Its a guess, but if it was, then when the new meter was installed it may not yet be configured for the correct tariff. Tariff 31 is normally only on for 8 hours overnight. Its cheaper, but if your hot water service isn't large enough you will run out. Tariff 33 is 18hrs a day. AGL also offer tariff 35 on smart meters, but I can't find any information on this tariff.