Joining AGL but Electricity connection stuck in “setup in progress”

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Hi, I joined AGL last week (moving from another Electricity provider), but when I login it still tells me that “Account setup in progress”. Does this mean I’m still being charged by my former provider? I would rather start paying AGL, but I have no idea where I am in the changeover process.

Thank for any help

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It took around 3-4 weeks for me to move across.  I waited for the 10 business days initially, then contacted them via the app as it was stuck the same as yours.  They then seemed to initiate it again, and it took around another week to move across.

AGL Moderator
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Hi John,


Thank you for reaching out.


Your electricity will transfer to AGL within your 10 business day cooling off period and your gas will transfer as of your next scheduled meter read after your cooling off period.


Once all meter readings have been provided to activate your account, this will show as active in your AGL app or My Account


Kind regards,