Is control load manadatory for electric hot water storage tank?

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Before changed to smart meter and had Solar PV installed 2 months ago, our hot water tank was used to connect to a separate meter for off peak usage, it was on a much cheaper rate hence it makes sense.

After PV, AGL changed us to Time-Of-Use structure. Currently on our bill, the Control Load (CL1) rate charges higher than my other usual Time-of-Use Rate,
I don't see why I should still need CL1 for a more expensive charge + an extra CL1 Supply charge.


Must my hot water tank connected to a Control Load?
If not, how do get Control Load removed?
and what is the process have the Hot Water to consume Time-Of-Use metering?

What's your thought? Should I keep CL1 hence mades no change to current set up?

I haven't been searching for a while but didn't find an answer, apologise if this thread is duplicated.

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Hi @KNT, welcome to the Neighbourhood!

The big difference is that Controlled Load meters don't have power supplied through them all the time, but at times controlled by your distributor. That can cut down on costs because it's not on standby power at all times and adding an extra constant demand on your general usage meter.

If you do want to get the meter removed, our connections team can help arrange that for you with your distributor. They are available by calling 1800 680 430 between Monday – Friday 8:00am - 5:30 pm (AEST)


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You need to understand about hot water services.

A hot water service has a thermostat that controls the high temp point (should be 65C or so) and a cut in point ( lets say 55C for this discussion.)

Now in the old days Controlled Loads used to switch in at  2300 and off at 0600.

To be on TOU (Time of use) you must have a smart meter as they use your meter data to calculate your usage.


The Controlled load part of your meter is separate and has its own meter.



The above info is from MyUsage Page / My Energy Plan.

Below the prices is also the times.



You can see my rates (SA) and that the lowest rate is 18.612 c/kWh


But that is for a Shoulder Charge (Its cheaper because that's when the sun is out).


I have a controlled load meter but I don't use it as I have a timer built into the HW Service and I switch it to on from 1000 till 1600 as that is when I am generating solar.


You need to find out what CL meter you are connected to, your billing should tell you this.


Now if you get your HW Service connected to the Normal household wiring your HW service will start heating ANYTIME your water gets above the 55C mark (normally in your 0600 to 1000 time bracket ie PEAK_RATE).


Your meter may not be configured properly and you may be paying a CL2 or CL3 rate which is higher.


You should be able to check this by looking at your downloaded data from the app or your usage page.


Anyway I have tried to answer your question, you need to work out what your hotwater is connected to and decide if its the best one for you.


An Electrician will be required to change the connections on your Smartmeter or even reprogramming may be required.


You will need to look at your usage and decide how to proceed..


Remember you did not buy solar to make a profit you purchased it to SAVE YOU MONEY


Cheers Neil

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Hi @KNT,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood! 


I can see that @NeilC has provided a detailed explanation and steps involved in rewiring of your hot water system. Once this is done and if you wish to remove Controlled Load meter, you will need to speak to our New Connections department to organise abolishment of the meter. They're available on 1800 680 430, Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.30pm (AEST).


Kind Regards,




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hi all,


First thank you for the reply. The reason i am asking because in the plan details on AGL website, this have this footnote about Control Load:

^ Applicable to customers who have separately metered usage, for example: storage water heaters or thermal storage space heaters. Supply is available at this rate at hours determined by your meter configuration for a six hour period usually between 10pm and 7am


I don't have 2 physical meters anymore as it has been changed out to a single smart meter organised by AGL after I have solar panel installed by another company.

From  my bill, it shows I have Control Load 1 usage and CL1 daily supply charge.

From my smart meter, the code 07 shows consumption figure that, by research it is "total energy consumed by customer's hot water"  , that am i correct that's the CL1 ?


As I am looking for option to change out my current hot water system to, possibly, a heat pump hot water system, I assume that it is better to have my storage hot water system connected to 24/7 to draw electricity when needed.

and in that case, i assume  a CL1 will not be required anymore (unless the total supply charge + usage charge rate is cheaper but it is not in my case).


However,  based on the aforementioned footnote, I am unsure if connecting to a Control Load is a must anymore  considering a heat pump is also a "storage water heaters or thermal storage space heaters"?





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You do have a controlled load meter, you even stated "From my bill, it shows I have Control Load 1 usage and CL1 daily supply charge."

If your going to buy a Heat Pump go and buy it and run it of your main circuit.


Last reply from me, if you cannot be bothered to like any replies I can't be bothered replying.

Cheers Neil

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