Incorrect solar export

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Hoping someone might be able to shed some light onto an issue I seem to be having.
Background: We are currently am running a 10KW system (10.8kw of panels) with on two (single phase) 5kw Zeversolar inverters (we have 3 phase power), our panels face true north, unobstructed and on a good day our peak output is at around 8-8.5kWh and in a day roughly total 50-55Kw.
Problem: I will use yesterday as an example (09/08/2019), we peaked at 9.05kwh at 12:00pm, and had output above 5kWh between 0900 and 1500 total generated 59.23kWh. However when I view my AGL app it shows our 12:00 feed-in @ only 3.95kWh which would mean we were using 5kWh (impossible). The total daily feed in on the AGL app was 42.28 a difference of 16.95kWh, the AGL app states we also bought 51.52 kWh which would mean we used ~68kWh on a day when no-one was home.
Today: Today I have checked at the meter, the panels are currently putting out 8kWh of power, the meter is registering
Total -0.5267kW
phA - 10.1amps, 244 Volts, 178.88W
phB 15.8 amps 250.7 Volts, 177.00W
ph C . 26.110amps . 225.4 Volts . -0.5120W
half an hour later I checked the meter again whilst the panels were outputting 7.5kWh. 
Total - 6.5448
phA - 14.5amps, 236.2 Volts, 178.84W
phB 13.3 amps 251.3 Volts, 176.65W
ph C . 1.220 amps 240.5 Volts, 4.41W
I have no idea whats going on, our power usage seems excessive and our feed-in seems off. 
any help would be great. 
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Hi asarson,


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I can understand your concern here. Can I ask how you're obtaining this data concerning the performance of your solar system? Does your inverter have an app that provides you with analytics? If so, it'd be very helpful if you could come back to me with screenshots of both this app and the AGL app for a side by side comparison.


Kind regards,



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I’m experiencing the same , I have 2 5kw inverters and at peak make 9kw an hr but agl says I’m only making 4 at the same hr. I feel like we are getting ripped off. Or maybe they are only paying off 1 inverter. I will contact agl about this. 

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Hi ConradB!

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We're not able to see what your solar system is generating. If you're able to see how much your solar system is generating, this means the difference is going to be powering your household first. We're only able to see what your solar system exports back into the grid.


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