Incorrect information supplied by call centre personnel

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I have been trying to get power connected to another property since 1 April. Agent confirmed that meter had been switched to "OFF" position as requested (twice.)


On Friday, I was assured several times by 'John' the overseas call centre operator, that power would be connected today, between 7am and 10am, and I wrote down his name, time I called and what he said...and repeated it to him. I then met electrician on site and watched as he switched meter to "OFF" position


This morning, I have electricians on site, prepping...... because it is now 11.00am and we still have no power.


So I called customer service. They told me that they cannot guarantee a connection time and that I should not have been given a 'window.'


Electricians are costing me money.



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Hi CfM,


I'm sorry to hear that this has caused you such a headache!


You do need to ensure your circuit breakers are turned to the 'Off' position before a remote re-connection can go ahead, however this is a very simple task to carry out and does not need to be done by an electrician. It sounds like you may have spoken to us again recently, has another re-connection been arranged?


Kind regards,



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Citipower contractor arrived on site and was able to turn on the power with no issues. We had switched off circuit breakers to our floor as requested. Everything was fine! What a relief! 🙂