I have digital meter already . Why I need onsite meter reconfiguration rather than remotely ?

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Recently I have my solar panels installed in my new built house in Nov 2021. I requested to upgrade to Solar Saver electricity plan. So the AGL staff said I need meter reconfiguration done prior changing to a new solar plan. 

My installer said the reconfiguration can be done completely remote, which only charge for $20. Today, I have received an AGL email said the technician will come onsite to do the meter recon which will be $165. Why I need onsite meter recon but not remotely reconfiguration ? My meter is a digital smart meter. 

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When you had your house built and the meter installed did you state that the house had / or will have solar panels.


If you had the correct meter installed when you had the house approved for the electricity connection a meter that supports PEAK, OFF/PEAK and SOLAR would have been installed.


Obviously you need to speak to your builder to confirm that the meter installed would support PEAK, OFF/PEAK and SOLAR.


The solar installer should have checked the meter settings when he installed the solar panels.


As a licenced electrician he should have checked the meter settings to see that solar generation was a setting available on the system.




Cheers Neil

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