High Gas Bill

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Hello, I received a rather high gas bill this time of $181. Infact, my normal bill used to be in the range of $25 to $50 but for a family of 4 with very less usage this month the bill jumped up more than 300%. I called the resolutions team and they say the issue is due to some leaks or hot water gas leak and refused to divulge further details. They say the bill is correct but I disagree as we hardly do any cooking neither use hot water for any purpose. They told me to check with a plumber to see if there is some leakage but why should I contact a  plumber if I don't see any issue and I feel like AGL is trying to cover something up. I want to escalate this. How do I do it ?

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Hi @Sri1,


Thank you for reaching out.


We do have escalations options available to you - please contact us at agl.com.au/contact-us and follow our "Complaints" process.

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