Gas bill outrageously high

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I recently moved over to Melbourne and opted for the AGL energy plan (starting June) .In the past month, I have been charged outrageous amount (550$ for 2 people!!). The billing period was from 08 June 2023 to 04 July 2023. While going through the bill, I could see that the only meter read was done on 1 July 2023 rather than on or before 8 June 2023 when the actual connection started! 



This is absolutely outrageous considering that I have been charged all the way till the start read on 1st July when I have moved into the place on 03 June. I submitted the gas read on 3 July and from what I gather the one on 1st July was from AGL. I need to know what my rights are for contesting this bill because it seems like a highly casual job from AGL to attest all the units to the current month when they could not care to log the initial read when I moved in!

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Hi @rishavghosh09,


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The dates listed on the bill are when a meter read was submitted to us and those reads are listed on your bill as 'End Read'. This does not mean that an actual read was not completed when you moved in, as that read is listed on your bill as 'Start Read'. I would certainly need to look into your account to be able to check all this and assist you further with your enquiry, I'll send you a private message to grab your account details from you.