Adding an account

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Hi. Just a suggestion. I've been waiting weeks for you to add a gas account to my electricity account. The gas meter was due to be read by the old company a week or so after I contacted you if you were waiting for that. I've rung you once and won't be ringing again.  My suggestion is that you get this gas account transferred over or both accounts will be going to a company that can get the job done. All the best, Terry.

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I've got a similar problem: I have both gas and electricity accounts with AGL. My gas account is linked to my online account, but not electricity. I've now spent 15 minutes trying to see how I add my electricity account to my online profile: no success. A seriously bad platform. 

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I have the same problem, 3 years later… Given no response to this query since 2020, at least I know not to waste any more time trying to solve myself - and that I’m not alone…

Interesting that in such a competitive environment, simple customer queries like this aren’t answered immediately via chat or chatAI. A common solution that shows value for a customers time and experience.