Do you need access to a switchboard that has a smart meter?

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I plan to build a house soon with a front fence that will be locked with our dogs behind it.

Do I need to put the meter on the front boundary or can the meters be read remotely if I put the switchboard on the side of the house using a smart meter?


Does the meter reader ever have to gain access to the property if this is the case?



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Hi there @glennbot, welcome to neighbourhood!


If we're just talking electricity, then a new meter installation woul be a smart meter and those are remotely read. The only reason it would require somebody to attend the property would be if the meter stopped communicating directly, and the meter provider will work with you to arrange an appointment time for something like that.


A gas meter would require manual access to the meter in order to read. Otherwise you can read it yourself and provide those readings to us through your online account or the AGL app.