Discrepency between AGL App usage data and my SolarEdge monitoring system

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I'm trying to reconcile the usage data between what the AGL App tells me and what my SolarEdge monitoring system tells me.


According to the AGL App for the month of December, 2020 I:

  1. Purchased 446 kWh from the grid; and
  2. Sold 680 kWh to the grid.

According to my Solar Edge system for the month of December 2020 I:

  1. Generated 980 kWh consuming 312 kWh and exporting 667kWh to the grid;
  2. Consumed 490 kWh of which 177 kWh was purchased from the grid.

The amounts exported to the grid seem to correlate well enough but the AGL App seems to grossly overstate the amount purchased. It seems to correlate more closely to my total consumption which includes the energy consumed that was generated by my solar system.


Can anyone help me understand/reconcile what I'm seeing here?



AGL Moderator
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Hi Pedro, the discrepancy is possibly caused by your controlled load, as this may be on a separate meter and not connected up to your monitoring device. You can see the break down of the consumption on the second page of your bill. If that is not the case, I would recommend getting in touch via messenger in My Account or the AGL app.

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Thanks for responding Steve. My bill is due in a few weeks so I'll check it against the bill when it comes through.