Digital Metering [Actual or Peak Usage?]

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Hi, I understand that by switching to a Digital Meter, rates can stay the same and\or have access to lower ToU Off-Peak Rates.
Please clarify if Digital Meters record

A) Peak usage in 30 minute increments

B) Actual usage in 30 minute increments


Many people are warning me not to switch to a digital mater as they record PEAK usage.  ie: If I boil the kettle, use the toaster I would be charged to the PEAK for the entire 30minutes, whereas under the old meter I would be charged for just the 1-2minutes of use.  They said this is especially bad for houses with any sort of motor, like an air-con \ pool pump, which draw a large load initially (quickly but then drops).

This didn't sound right, so I thought to ask here and get the facts.  I am keen to move to ToU rates and adjust my usage accordingly.


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Hi Tim,


Welcome to the AGL Community!


It sounds like you may have been given some mixed messages here. To clarify:

  1. Smart meters will always record your actual usage (barring any technical issues)
  2. Whether this usage is recorded as peak, off peak etc is determined by your tariff. Some customers prefer a single rate tariff so that they're charged at a single, consistent rate tariff throughout the day where as some customers prefer a time of use tariff which attracts a higher peak rate in lieu of a lower off-peak rate.
  3. Smart meters record electricity consumption in 30 minute intervals to provide customer with more detailed insights in to when they're using power through the day, however this does not mean that you are charged any extra for using your appliances.

Hopefully this helps!