Delay in switching from another provider

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I signed up to come back to AGL last Thursday, and the connection is still "in progress".

According to the new rules implemented in 2019, the switch is supposed to happen within 2 business days.

I called an was told it will take up to 10 days.

Is this something to do with the cooling off period? Because that shouldn't be holding things up.

I'd really just like the transfer to go through as quick as possible, which is what the rule change was supposed to be all about.

I'm on a smart meter as well, which is supposed to make this even easier ...


AGL Moderator
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Hi Bullant, Thank you for reaching out.


The transfer can occur anytime up to 10 business days, as we are required to provide a 10-business day cooling period.


We need to allow 2 days for the welcome pack to be delivered and the request is processed on the third business day for the transfer to be completed within the 10 business days.


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