Control Load and Solar

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1.  For T31 from 10pm to 7am; should the switch on the Ripple Control Receiver only be on during those hours and be in "off" position at other times?

2.  To extent there is any solar power being generated before 7am is this used for appliances on a T31 circuit?

3.  For T33, off peak, other than 4 pm - 8 pm; is power generated from solar used to power any appliances on that circuit?



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Hi NeilH, 


Thanks for contacting us and being apart of the AGL Community.


The solar generated will not be used towards the T31 or T33 appliances. 


In relation to your first question regarding the switch for the Ripple Control Receiver, I would recommend to contact your distributor. You can call Energex on 131 253 during business hours.