Connection failure.

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I'm moving into a "new to me" property near Brisbane this coming weekend and I organized via the online system a week ago for an AGL tech to come to the house to connect the electicity, usually this is not, with the property being in QLD l needed to be at the property for the connection to be carried out. Today l rang to confirm the application and was told by AGL that the technician would be at the property between 1pm and 6pm....l arranged to stay home from work today so this could happen.... needless to say, he never turned up and of course now we don't have electricity.....l again rang and was told the application was too late.....the service person on the phone never told me this when l made the application..... and l wasted a day off work waiting for nothing.....why..??

Now l'm told the electricity can't be turned on until Monday afternoon.....l have 5 people moving into the house does a house with 5 people including 3 children survive with no lights, no hot water, no heater, no cooking facilities, , no way to bathe etc....for three days.??? And l have to waste another day off work waiting for a technician who may or may not come on Monday......How does this happen..???

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Hi BrettS,


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I'm very sorry to hear that your family has been left in such a a difficult position. Can I ask if the power has been connected as of yet?


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No it hasn't..... but it doesn't matter anymore as I will never be using AGL again due to the total incompetence of the people involved. I spent a couple of hours and several phone calls arguing with some phone call-center person who can barely speak English and is obviously in a country nowhere near Australia....why can we not talk to an Australian who can actually speak the language..?? 


Needless to say I've gone with another supplier......and none of my extended family members will be using AGL in future either.


Thanks for nothing......from a very dissatisfied "former" customer.