Can’t read gas meter

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Can’t read gas meter & nothing can’t get fixed.


We moved into a house in Sandringham Victoria in April 2023 & signed up to AGL super saver plan. A few days later I got a text from AGL about the gas meter not being able to be accessed. Strange as the meter is in front yard accessible by all & is very large. So called AGL & went through 2 depts 2 IDs etc to get response that AGL will come out to read meter.

A week later I get message from AGL that meter can’t be read.

Next day putting bins out meter read arrives & I go talk to him, he says that he had been to property twice & can’t read the meter & he showed me & sure enough the meter display is all clogged with plant debris & can’t be read.

He tells me he comes to our property as instructed & goes back to United Energy & reports the meter can’t be read ‘ nothing happens.

I hear nothing from AGL, keep using gas until today I wanted to change plans & AGL tell me they are not our gas provider . AGL officer is quite insistent that we have no gas account with AGL even though we are still getting & using gas.

I get escolated to Resolution team. I spend over 40 mins talking to them & then waiting while they talk to United before I get cut off.

I would have thought that the Resolution team would have called me or emailed me to tell me what is going on but that hasn’t happened.

I have had to electricity accounts since we have been in the property & no gas account but sooner or later we are going to get a gas account & they could be huge.

What do I do next ?

Do I really have to go through all the phone  again?

The AGL phone system is like so many large organisations is …waiting waiting listening to recorded messages on hold… finally talk to live person most of whom are very hard to understand then transferred & then go through same  all over.

Is there any other way to contact Resolution team, by email or by contacting them other than having to go through all the phone again?

Do the Resolution team get back to customers with a response or is it always left up to customer to take initiative?

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Hi there @anthonyh, you don't have to go through the phone system, we have webchat and messaging services available here. If you're still needing this looked into, I can check the account here. I will need to send you a private message to get started! Thanks- Mark.

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Mark, I started with Web chat but they told me after much messaging to call 13 number.

Called 13 number waiting waiting multiple recorded messages waiting & then get through, do ID & go through story, put on hold waiting & then transferred to Resolution Team number, waiting waiting & get through, get ID & go through story, put on hold, comes back, going to call Multinet as their responsibility to repair meters, put on hold waiting for over an hour with lady coming back to me every 10 mind or so as she is on hold to Multinet & then cut off. Tried again next day pretty much the same except Resolution lady said all fixed this time as very worried about getting positive survey responses. It wasn't fixed, a few days later get another text from AGL they can't open gas account for us. Phoned through to Resolution team again yesterday & finally got told the right story ....I hope.

Multinet will only accept a repair request from the current retailer & AGL isnt. I was told to call multinet & find current retailer or the previous owner of the properties energy retailer.

Phone Multinet & after much explanation find out the current retailer is listed as Red Energy, so I have opened a gas account with them or at least I have started the process & will see how it goes.

Hoping that's the end of it & just wish AGL resolution team told me that to start but I guess they didn't want to tell me to go to another retailer.

Just final comment, it would be s great learning experience for AGL management, instead of survey or as well as surveys, to use the AGL system themselves as customers. Its almost like each area use a separate data base, the Web chat cant do or see what the telephone customer service operators can do & see, similarly the telephone customer service operators can't do or see what the resolution team can.

Anyway thanks for response.