Can't enter manual meter reads on app

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I was actually in the middle of entering my own meter read on the app as there is a dog on my property, and I entered one of the reads incorrectly. I was going back to fix it, when it booted me out entirely and now if I try to enter the meter reads manually my address is greyed out and says 'service ineligible'. There are two meters, one is digital but the other one isn't.


Furthermore, my agl bill states that my bills have been estimated for a year now, so my digital meter is not being read remotely. It has also not been recently installed, as it was here when I moved in almost 2 years ago. Prior to that, it seems the meter was being read by someone as I moved in at the beginning of 2022, and the estimates began mid-2022.

AGL Moderator
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Hi mr2, Thank you for reaching out. 


We are sorry to hear the experience you have faced with submitting your meter read. 


If a digital meter does not record a few intervals within a billing period we are required to put down the read type as estimated. 


Depending on the type of digital meter, a technician may be required to attend the property every quarter to collect the data recorded on your meter. 


I'll send you a private message so we can grab some of your details and assist you further. 


Kind Regards,