Are 3phase Meters SMART? Or do i need a 2nd one for Solar?

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I have 3phase Meter ActiveStream Mk10D.


Is this unit smart enough to manage my Solar Feed in across 3 phases?


For example.


If my solar is connected Phase A, but my 3phase AC is uses all 3phases.

Will the Mk10D offset the total solar generation which is linked to Phase B, 


Say the 3phase AC is drawling 3Kw total (1kw per phase A B C) and the Solar is generating 3Kw and feeding it back to Pase B only.


What will the Smart meter do?

1. Offset Total Solar generation  against Power usage across the 3 phases, thus nothing drawn from the grid.  


2. Phase A, charge 1kw from grid

    Phase B  3Kw solar generated, less 1kw draw from AC. Thus pay me the Feed in tariff for 2Kw

    Phase C, charge 1kw from the grid.


Thanks in advance.

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Great question!


The number of phases present at your property isn't necessarily relevant here. What is important is that yourself or your solar installer have requested that AGL arrange for your meter be reconfigured to accommodate for your solar system. Once this is done, any energy that you generate will be used by the appliances within your property and surplus energy will be exported to the grid which you'll be credited back for.


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Will your customer service team know if I call them?


The builder is installing the first system but I doubt they would have asked.  


I specifically require all 3 phases to be offset against all solar generation.  What is the correct terminology that I can use so there is no discrepancy!

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Our team will be very familier with this terminology.


Once your system is installed (if it's not installed already) you'll simply need to call us on 1800 680 430 (8.30am–6.00pm (AEST)).


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