1, meter reading, 2, how to connect new appliance to controlled load 2

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I’ve read my meters twice today.

The left meter is for general usage, the readings are 22422/22424;

The right meter is for controlled load 2, the readings are 13000/13003.

I don’t understand today is Sunday why my general meter is still counting. Why not is the controlled load meter counting only?reading1.jpgreading2.jpg





I am going to buy a large appliance but only use it about 10 hours/day, at night. I think using the controlled load 2 meter is the right choice. How can I connect the appliance to this circuit?



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Hi ivychen, the controlled load is only for specific appliances such as hot water systems, pool pumps or underfloor heating. This is why you will still see general usage over the weekend. Depending on the new appliance as to whether it would be possible to connect it to the controlled load, if possible it would need to be completed by an electrician. 

You may want to take a look at time of use pricing where you are charged a different rate depending on when the power is used. You would need to have the meter upgraded for free to a digital meter for this to occur. To discuss the pricing and the times under a time of use tariff, please get in touch with us via Messenger in My Account or the AGL App.