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May I turn off the electrical water boiler after taking the shower?

And how?


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Hi @CindyCindy,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood! As we don't know what type of hot water system you have, we would refer you back to your installer or manufacturer for advice on what the most efficient way to run your hot water system is and whether it's safe to turn it off after showers.


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Hot-water heaters (electrical) normally use  controlled load or off peak as there electric power.

Controlled load (off peak) is normally only switched on via your electricity meter.


Generally this is between 23:00 hours (11pm) and say 06:00 hours (6am).


As you use hot water this is replaced by colder water that causes the hot water (in the tank) to be directed through your hot water piping to the tap you have just opened.


If you turn off your Hot Water system from your circuit board and do not turn it back on during the Off Peak (Controlled Load) hours then your Hot Water Service will not be heated.


So the answer to your question is NO.


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