Time of day use never available on website

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Why isn’t the time of day data available of the AGL Usage website? As solar generator / user this data is useful for me to get the most value out of my system as I’m on time of use metering.

AGL Moderator
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Hi MJ,


Thank you for your post!


I'm sorry to hear that you've having issues with our online services. We're not aware of any widespread issues currently impacting this service, so we'll ask you to clear your cache (instructions here) and then attempt to log in again by using the following link, ensuring that you're not using any outdated/bookmarked links: www.myaccount.agl.com.au.


If you're still unable to access this service, please send me a private message with your account details and a screenshot of the error(s) you're seeing so that we can take a closer look at things for you.


Kind regards,