Internet and customer service

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Today, my Internet stopped working, I tried all the turning off and on and waiting, but it still didn’t get fixed. I then called AGL Customer Service . And spoke to someone that was going to put me through to someone else. I was on the phone for one hour only to be Put through to a survey and then cut off. I am very upset as I had work commitments today to follow through and was unable to do so and I can’t believe that Customer Service did not help me at all. I wasted an hour of my time with no results . 

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @KraftyKimbo . I would be enormously frustrated by that! Can you please shoot me a private message with your account number, and I'll pass it along so that we can look into it.

Unfortunately you'll probably still need to call again to get troubleshooting assistance from Support, but hopefully we can sort out what happened with your call on this occasion.