Internet Failed - Poor Cabling or modem?

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Our internet has been dropping out quite a lot lately and then yesterday it dropped out and hasn't come back on.

I have spoken to the help desk today and they cannot see my modem but conducted a "line test" and believe that it passes.

I have completed a continuity check from the connection point on my house through to the modem and my cabling is good.

However I am not confident with the connection point on the pole out the front of my house (see below). If my connection has 'open circuited' in this mess would the line test still show it passes up to this point?



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1st: of all I am having considerable trouble believing in how that picture even exists in 2023!

2nd: PMG "Post Masters General" that is that little grey box on the pole with all the cut wires hanging out was basically finished/ended/abolished/retired in 1975 long before I started working in the Industry.

3rd: That cabling "if you could call it that" is in no way compliant.

4th: Looking at the picture it appears that you "may have coax cable running to the house" but that is not a given.

5th: That is a 100% NBN CO problem, AGL can not do anything about that.

As an ex telco network/field technician and if I were to see something like that should I have gone to a job I would have instantly registered it and called it in as a defect.

I am not surprised you are having "issues" I am inclined to lean towards poor cabling not Modem but that is not definitive as I have no idea what other factors are at play apart from the picture supplied. 

Yes a line test is more than likely to pass in most cases in that situation as long as there is some form of conductivity. It all depends on "what parameters are set / in use by the telco performing a line test."


Honest to goodness Strike me Pink NBN CO need to address this as it is a problem as far as I am concerned.


I do apologise but I am having great difficulty accepting what I see above in your post as current.


Out of curiosity what jurisdiction are you in ?


I would be heavily pushing for NBN CO to have that rectified. So contact AGL again and somehow get that picture to them so they can raise this with NBN CO.


Please note I have never worked for NBN CO, I have only worked for a telco and have retired from that field a few years ago. 





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Just an FYI

Also your internet dropping out all the time whilst getting a green light from support does not surprise me.

You can have continuity 24X7 but the quality "signal strength at the connection point to the house" will influence just how bad the dropouts are.




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Hi JohnUnfortunately it is real from Wodonga, Victoria.
Our house was built in 1966 so it is probably the original PMG. The pole itself is also probably original with how rotten it looks.
It also has the lead in for the power form my place and the 2 neighbours coming from it, attached to a crossarm they have bolted vertically to the top to get some extra height.
My house has just undergone a full renovation and rewire (both electrical and the phone/data line etc) and being an electrician (and may have had some input on all the cabling ) I know that everything is spot on within the house. I have even checked the continuity of the pair from my termination box on the front of the house all the way to the modem to be sure.
It is a 2pair to my house.
I finally got through to someone last night who understood what I was explaining and the NBN Tech is booked in for tomorrow afternoon.
Thanks for your response
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Okay let me know how you go.


So you are FTTN "fibre to the node" which means the quality of work between the node right up to the connection point of your house plays a massive role in just how reliable your internet is. I never agreed with FTTN in the beginning and could see the inherent problems associated with it. "If the work is not up to scratch" then it is a migraine till it is sorted. 


Unfortunately NBN CO contracts out work to I feel "some not all" people who are not fully qualified in the field. I would like to say more but am unable to.

In a nutshell you will either get a good contractor or a contractor that does not really care.


Hopefully the fibre upgrade to your area will roll around in the next 24 months. And hopefully you will realise a better

internet experience. Nothing is planned for Wodonga at the moment, though a good portion of West Wodonga has FTTP "fibre to the premises" my house in West Wodonga has it. Though I am based in NSW.


I will keep my fingers crossed for you and hope you get a decent contractor. Then all you need is to ride it out till the fibre upgrade rolls around.


Let me know how you go please.  




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Hi @Grublux,


Did the NBN tech manage to get this one sorted out for you?

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I am itching to know as well. 🙂


Kind Regards