Getting Granny Flat Connected to the Main Property NBN Box

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We have a granny flat that is almost at the handover stage in the coming weeks and it's already got a connection (underground conduit with CAT5) laid out up to where the NBN connection box outside of the main property. The NBN box sits inside a room of the main house directly on the same wall (almost back to back) where the outside connection is and so is the main router we currently use.


Originally we had an FTTC connection so there is an existing wall plate where the old NBN box used to be plugged in but recently had been upgraded to an FTTP connection. So we got the new optic fibre NBN box in the room and from what I have gathered and understand so far we can simply plug another network cable from the router to the NBN box.


Now the question is do we just call AGL to send out an NBN technician to finish the connection outside? I don't suppose it's a simple plug and play from the outside connection? Any idea on how much roughly it would cost? Just the call out fee maybe?


Yes, I will be calling them but just thought I'd ask here if anyone had to do something similar.