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I received, today, a reminder of an unpaid account for internet access. I have not received an invoice for this period.


I called the number noted on the message and spoke to Rathna. The call started at around 4.50 p.m.


Rathna insisted that an invoice had been sent by email on the 18th September. I received no such email and I checked my inbox for that date, whilst I was talking to Rathna. He proposed that I could go online to pay the account. I did/do not want to do that. I wish to receive an invoice, which I then pay, within the required timeframe.


The problem is, and this is peculiar to AGL, both for my broadband account and for my electricity, that I receive my bills in a spasmodic fashion. Some months the arrive and some months they don’t.


Rathna said he could not help me in requesting a copy of the invoice and that I would have to be transferred to another office.


I am about to hang up my phone after a total of one hour and fifty five minutes.


Your customer service, I fear, is woeful.


Please send me a new invoice for the period that remains unpaid and I shall settle it forthwith. Please also sort out your communications, which seem to be in disarray.


Yours sincerely,


Nik Sandeman-Allen

AGL Community Manager
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Hi Nik,


This sounds like a frustrating situation - I'm sorry you haven't been able to access and pay your bills consistently. Unfortunately I'm not able to access your account so I can't assist you directly or send you a bill. What was the resolution of your previous call?

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So here we go again. You are making me jump through hoops to answer your unhelpful message. Read my complaint. I hung up after being on hold for 1hr 55 mins

AGL Community Manager
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As I understand it, you'd like to do two things  - access your Internet bill, and to make a complaint about the service you received.

You can access your current and past bills by logging in to your AGL My Account page. If you're not able to do so, you will need to contact support. To avoid another wait on the phone, you may wish to do so by instead sending a message from your My Account page - after following the above link you will see a Messaging icon in the lower right corner of the page.

If you wish to make a further complaint, the best place to do so will be via our Complaints process.