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AGL Community Manager
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Most online communities have a ranking system which helps identify who people are on the community. Here’s how our system works and how to get involved!


A ranking system rewards you for activities on the forums such as interacting with other users and creating awesome engaging content! The more you do, the quicker you will climb the ranks! If your post is liked by another user or marked as a solved answer, you’ll progress even faster!


When you join our community, we’ll give you your first rank – Starter – then it’s up to you to progress! You’ll find your rank next to your avatar, near your username. You can see mine is underneath my username David_AGL, and is ‘AGL Community Manager’.

Not sure where your rank fits in Neighbourhood? Look for the progress bar on your user profile. View other users’ profile pages or the progress bar on their posts to see where they rank.


All AGL moderators, experts and employees have an AGL logo next to their name or avatar, so you can spot them easily throughout the forums.


How can I move up the ranks?
We’ll keep the specifics secret but doing any combination of these things can help you move up in your Neighbourhood rank:

  • posting and replying
  • giving and receiving "Likes" on helpful posts and good ideas
  • posting ideas in Idea Exchanges
  • having your post ‘marked as solved’ by another member


Badges recognise your great work and our appreciation. We know that many of you contribute your valuable time and expertise sharing your experience as well as posting answers and helpful information for other members.

Badges are earned for various activities and milestones reached. For example, there are some badges that recognise how long you’ve been a Neighbourhood member and others that recognise the amount of replies and posts that you have authored.


You can see the full list of badges when you click on your profile page. The ones you’ve earned are in full colour, the ones yet to be earned are greyed out.


What’s in it for me?
There could be special rewards or VIP access for achieving certain levels, the only way to find out is to get your ranking up!


Category Enthusiasts
We want to connect you faster with like-minded members on your topic of choice. To do that, we are introducing special category badges.

To be awarded this badge, we’ll look for a combination of community activity, rank, number of posts on a topic and solved answers on that topic. Private message the Community Manager (me!), to apply for the badge or look out for an invitation to receive if we think you’ve earnt it.


Any questions? Post them below! Or if you have feedback on the system leave it here in our Neighbourhood Ideas board.

We look forward to seeing you get active in the Neighbourhood!


AGL Community Manager