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Answers on moving house, getting connected or using your electricity and gas meters

Hot Water Boost Button? (NSW)


Hoping for some advice / help on this one.

We just moved into a new property in Penrith, NSW and after coming home just before midnight we went to have a shower only to have the water cold.


We are on an Off Peak hotwater setup here we've since found out which is creating an issue for us as when you actually NEED hot water... well you need it!


I have seen a few other posts here talking about a hot water boost button that can be installed in the meter box to kickstart water heating immediately for the following hour on demand.


We need that!


I called the AGL service team to enquire about this and they didn't have any idea what I was even talking about.


I spoke to an AGL representative on your support chat, same thing.


If there anyone here who knows who / where I can actually chat to an AGL rep who knows what I'm talking about and assist me in getting this installed at our home?


Very frustrating experience so far with AGL!

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The HOT WATER BOOST button should be on your electricity meter and no-where else.

Hot water is run from your Off-peak / Controlled load section of your meter.


Push the button (mine says for six seconds) and you will hear a click and power will be supplied to the hot-water service.


Be aware though, that in doing so, you will using your PEAK rate not your OFF_PEAK rate.


By the way I would have thought that about 23:00 (11pm) your OFF-Peak would have already activated and would stay on until 5 or 6 in the morning .


These times are controlled by your SUPPLIER/DISTRIBUTOR not your RETAILER (AGL).

Are the the three Distributors in NSW


Depending on the size of your hot-water service it may take up to three hours to get hot water that may be of a reasonable temperature.


If you have only just moved in. DID you check that the hot water breaker was turned on?


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