knockdown rebuild - current solar feedin tariff

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I am looking to temporarily disconnect my electricity to knock down current house with solar panels and build two new houses.  I will own both new houses after completion.  Will I still received my current solar feed in tariff after reconnecting? Even if it is only to one of the new houses.

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why not ask for a meter for each house then you can put solar panels on each house and each house can get the solar saver rate.


I did that on my property to keep the old system with its 54c FIT and build a new house with a 15kw system. Luckily I have 3phase coming into the property. 

If your ina residential area its normally single phase so only 5kw per meter.

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Hi dmw16888, we will need to review your account for this, please get in touch with the team via messenger in My Account you can also access this via the support tab in the AGL App.