Wife name on AGL account

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Was reading some community post and found that AGL do not allow to add partner/wife name on the account. I know many of my friends with other energy provider they have their partner name added on account and that do appear on bill. 


This is really frustrating and don't know why AGL is not doing that because this is not ruling from DHS I am sure. As I got below exact response from DHS and they asked me to contact electricity provider to add partner name. 


I would advise you to allow the current application to decline and in the meantime, contact your electricity company and have your wife’s name added as an account holder.



One of my close friend got the same response as above and he was able to update partner name online(with different provider) without any hassle. 



AGL Moderator
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Thank you for your feedback.


To clarify, we only allow one primary name on each account and bills. This is for credit and privacy purposes. To ensure that you're making the most of your government rebates, I encourage your wife to contact AGL to move the accounts into her name and then add you as an authorised contact person to this account so that you're able to make enquiries and certain changes as well. 


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Thanks for quick response.


Well, I would prefer to change electricity provider in this case as with other they have both option and I don't have to do any change anywhere.

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MAQ, I have the same issue with AGL. I want my wife / partner to have the same access i have to our account. Recently she raised a compliant with them and i was receiving the phone calls. They would not talk to her about it at all. They only wanted to talk to me. 

She is a grown adult and can handle her own issues etc. Imagine in the 21st century we are dealing with a draconian corporation. Additionally i am away overseas quite often and live in different time zones but yet once there is an issue and she has to raise it they try and contact me!!!


I understand the security etc but surely there is a way around this.