The size of my bill

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I live alone. I am not using hot water, the unit is disconnected. I don’t use lights nor cooling/heating. I have a brand new fridge that gets opened a few times a day.

i cook quick meals and turn everything off at the wall. All appliances are new.


How is this huge bill possible? I’m unemployed currently on extended sick leave due to my mental health.

At NO time does or has anyone from AGL entered my yard until a man installed a meter that I did not request.


i have always paid my bills early- now it’s time to look at a new supplier. This is daylight robbery.

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Lynda, your bill should have all the information on it you need to compare to a previous bill on your old meter.

It sounds like you were 'upgraded' from an old analogue meter to a new digital meter ?

This can be neutral or good for some consumers, and bad for others, depending what tariff plan you were put on, and when you use power in the scheme of those charges.


You have probably been automatically put on a TOU (time of use) tariff, but make sure it's not a demand tariff as the way that is calculated is often very poor for many consumers.


There have also been quite significant power pricing increases across the board from suppliers / retailers, again your bill comparison will easily see that on your latest and last 'reasonable' bill on hand.

Hopefully you have a few previous bills to compare, or obtain them through your AGL app account under Billing (previous bills).

Unfortunately most consumers will have experienced a rapid increase in power (and gas) costs, along with all the other cost of living pressures in recent times, there seems to be no end to that in sight as yet.


You might find little solace in changing providers, as when I have used the energy made easy site a few times, all seem to be around the same.

So best to not change on the spur of the moment, but check all offerings first . . . from AGL and other retailers.


After analysing your bills and why / where the amounts has increased 'so much', use AGL's own page to compare their plans, and also google energy made easy to compare all offering in your area, it is address specific, because all states are totally all over the place for power pricing. 


Good luck, hope you can find an answer to this for your situation.