Scam calls from 03-8611 5163?

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I signed up with AGL short time ago. Today I got a call from the captioned number purporting to be from AGL. Not sure it is authentic AGL. I was asked to answer a couple of questions which AGL already had the answers. One of which was which gas provider I'm switching from. The other was whether I am moving home or switching. I refused to answer the questions, and the caller sheepishly hung up.


Is that a real call from AGL? If not, how did the caller know I am switching/or have signed up to AGL? Could someone at AGL be leaking my private information?

Another thing which baffled me was that they called my fixed line. Don't think AGL has that number: I believe I gave AGL my mobile number.

AGL Moderator
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Hi ianm0,


This does appear to be a call from AGL. So we can double check the details though, please get in touch either by calling or messenger by clicking here.

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She did not specify purpose of call, but only asked questions to which I expected AGL already had the answers.  Absolutely annoying and waste everyone's time. AGL's resources better spent elsewhere. How about cost cutting by not making those silly calls? Or used savings to pay junior staff. Only silly people will answer those questions to incoming callers.

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I also just received a call from this number (21/5/20)

can someone please confirm if this is a scam?

they said it was a welcome call for all new customers and wanting to confirm details

we haven’t even connected yet so told them to call back