Outrageous Pricing

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 I have been an AGL customer for many years, and have generally stuck by them despite at times their being marginal more expensive, however, with my recent bills I have decided to seek other suppliers at affordable pricing. 

Most recent gas bill, utilising Bill Smoothing requires an outrageous, exorbitant, increase in monthly payments approaching an almost 350% increase.

And to top it off, it is impossible to have my existing CREDIT with my now closed Electricity Acct transferred to my Gas Acct. Although information on the AGL website indicates this is doable! Ha.

A very disgruntled former customer!!!!

AGL Moderator
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Hi CSR, Thank you for reaching out. 


We are sorry to hear the experience you have had has not met your expectations. 


Credits can be transferred in-between accounts via contacting us agl.com.au/contact-us. .


I'll send you a private message to help with the credit transfer. 


Kind Regards, 




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Thanks Natalie, 

I eventually rang and spoke with a person about my refunds. I was advised that it may take up to 2 weeks before the funds are transferred back into my Bank Acct. This is not good at all, I have to pay my Accounts on/before the due date. It is my money & there should be virtually no delay in refunding Credits.

Why, after going through the verification process, being assigned an ID number, is it necessary to go through the process again, & WHY are you asked for your Birthdate. There are other methods enabling establishment of


A prospective Employer CANNOT ask your Birthdate, yet AGL & others can. No way.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @CSR, Depending on how the refund was processed the time frame can vary. Bank refunds can take 5 - 7 business days, we will send you an SMS with the status of the refund.


Thank you for your comment, we are required to perform an ID check for privacy measures and to protect your personal information. 


You can find further information via our Privacy Policy | AGL 


Kind regards,