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Several energy providers are giving pensioners, seniors, and veterans FREE ENERGY FOR FIVE HOURS PER DAY

Is AGL going to make the same offer to help those who are doing it tough when it comes to paying for energy?  AGL is a big company and a major provider.  I think it wouldn't hurt them to make a similar offer.  My wife and I are pensioners and we are home for the majority of the time.  Hence, we use a lot of energy during the cold winter months trying to stay warm.  It isn't a matter of putting more clothes on, it is a matter of being comfortable.  Five hours a day would allow us to use the washing machine and clothes dryer, vacuum the house, use our computer to pay bills and stay in contact with friends and family.  I congratulate the energy companies that recognise the needs of senior citizens.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @superbob


Thank you for getting in touch. At this stage we are unable to offer this to our customers, however we do want to make sure that you are on the best deal that we have available. I'll send you a private message to obtain your account details.


Kind Regards,