No news from AGL regarding power outages

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it would be great if you could inform your customers when power will be restored!!! 
all freezer and fridge contents lost

zero communication! 

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Yeah I feel you, im in Clayton and absolutely no communication from AGL, im trying to work with limited power via laptop battery and phone hotspot, a press release or email would be noice to give us some idea of when we can expect power to come back online.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Isa-l  and @Andrewajp002, thank you for your enquiry.


As an electricity consumer who is also affected by these outages, I can certainly understand your frustrations, but unfortunately, as your electricity retailer, and not your distributor, AGL does not have any special knowledge about the outages and their expected resolution times.

Your electricity distributor is responsible for the supply of power to your home, and their number is the one listed on your invoice for "faults and emergencies".


It sounds like you may both be in Victoria, and you can look up who your distributor is here: 


Once you know who your distributor is, you can pop into google "[Distributor name] outage map" and you should be able to find,


A) if you are affected by an outage

B) roughly when it is expected to be resolved.


I hope this helps!

Kind regards,