My power went out???

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Mine went out 8 times on Monday and came back every time.


AGL are a retailer and as such are not responsible for the supply of Electricity.


Your supplier is listed on the top right hand side of your Electricity Bill under :: Need help?

Support, enquiries or complaints or 131 245
Faults or emergencies
SA Power Networks on 131 366
24 hours a day
Energy and Water Ombudsman SA
1800 665 565


My Supplier is SA Power Networks, yours will vary depending on which State and Area that you live in, but the listing under Faults or emergencies is the number to contact.


You may want to find their Web Page and save it as a favourite so when the power goes out you can go to their web page.


For the whole of SA this is:  Outage Map SA 


In NSW/ ACT there are 3 suppliers

In Vic there are 5 Suppliers:

Company Area serviced Faults General enquiries

 Powercor Australia   Western suburbs and western Victoria13 24 1213 22 06
Ausnet Services

Outer northern and eastern suburbs and

eastern Victoria

13 17 991300 360 795
United Energy DistributionSouthern suburbs and Mornington Peninsula13 20 991300 131 689
CitipowerCity and inner suburbs13 12 801300 301 101
JemenaNorthern and north-western suburbs

13 16 26
SMS service:

0427 840 744

1300 131 871

In Qld there are 3 suppliers:

Tasmania only has TasNetworks for the whole state.


NT and WA are not part of the National Energy Market and have different rules.

Cheers Neil

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