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I am living in a rental and noticed last night my hot water system is leaking! I received my Agl Bill this morning and it’s $400 over what it usually is, I’m guessing it’s because of the leaky hot water system, is there anything I can do to get the bill looked at? 😞

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Hi Tiarne! 


Welcome to AGL Community! 


Having a leaking hot water service is always stressful, and will effect your bill, I am sorry about that. 


In terms of the leak, if you own the property, you will need to get a plumber out. If you are renting, ring your real estate straight away to get some help. 


As for the bill, unfortunately as the electricity has been used, it will remain as it is, if you rent you may be able to speak with your real estate about some assistance due to the leaking system however that is at the discretion of the owners. 


If you need a payment plan for this bill, do not hesitate to contact our team here


Thank you