High energy usage at midnight

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I just got te app to check why my energy bill is so high and I see a spike in energy usage at midnight everyday. Can someone please explain what’s going on as apart from my fridge, nothing else is switched on around that time? 

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If you're seeing power being used habitually very late at night or very early in the morning, then its very likely that the appliance responsible is your hot water system. If you have a storage hot water system (which looks like a large tank), then this essentially operates in a similar way to a kettle. The water will heat up overnight at the same time to ensure that hot water is readily available to you throughout the day.


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My energy usage peaks around 11pm-1am some nights. My fridge and freezer doors are closed. I have a heat pump HWS, which is scheduled to come on during the day so it’s not these things. I also have a smart meter. Can the smart meter be used to specifically identify which appliance is turning on at these times?

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Thanks for being part of the AGL Community. The smart meter won't be able to identify what appliance is producing the power, and we also have no visibility over the appliances within the household.


If you require further assistance with this, please contact us directly here.


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