Find out what appliances are chewing electricity

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I thought my high electricity usage was down to my high air con use in the warmer months but when I compared bills the difference is less than $200. I don't use any heating in what passes for winter here but even then the bill was over $500. I really need to work out where the high usage is coming from. How do I go about that? TIA

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Hi there, for this kind of inquiry, we'll just need to speak to you privately, so I'm reaching out to you now.


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You could always check with your sparkie, but we also went though some of that recently with Time of Use tarrifs & another energy provider. In short, google (or rather 'duck duck go') Vampire Devices.


In our case we saved another 15% by turning off TVs at the wall (should be a law against TV manufacturers not providing a power On/Off button). and disconnecting all devices sitting on chargers that are fully charged, ie, phones, tablets, laptops, battery chargers etc. All of which can be easily ans sensibly done by the location of a powerboard or two.

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This may sound funny (but it's true).


If you have an inverter type Air Conditioner they have an inbuilt heater to keep the oil warm.


This heater uses 125w per hour or 3kW per day.


You should find the circuit breaker for the unit (or units) and turn it off when you are not using it.


This is because in Europe they are outside in the freezing environment.


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