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Have just received my Energy Summary for the last 3 months of usuage. AGL advise me that I have spent 26% more on my energy bill than same time last year. What a ridiculous statistic considering I actually used less energy daily than the same time period last year. How about AGL call it for what it is, you’ve hiked the price up through the roof, not me using more energy, you’ve charging more. Do not send me summaries that infer it’s on me!

AGL Moderator
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Hi @SoniaCG, welcome to neighbourhood. 

If we've sent you saying something that says you have used more energy than you actually have, I apologise. Although from what it sounds it says you've spent more on your energy bill, which as you've pointed out can also mean an increase in rates as opposed to an increase in usage. If you are concerned about your rates, feel free to reach out to us here so that one of our agents can make sure you are on rates that are good for you!